Romany Cricket Club

The Romany Cricket Club

We are a nomadic club based in and around Leeds playing cricket throughout Yorkshire.

The actual date of the foundation of the Club is shrouded in mystery. The Minutes of the 1924 AGM refer to “the formation of the Club in  1902” and in the 1925 Minutes there is a reference to “Goucher’s service as umpire for 24 years since the formation of the Club“. Subsequently there have been references to the Club playing as far back as 1897. The first record of a match is in a newspaper cutting of 1903 which reports that the start of a game between The Romany and The Yorkshire Gentlemen was delayed until 3.00 pm due to the late arrival of the Romany team.

“… it would seem likely that the club was formed in 1902 by members of the army returning from South Africa following the end of the Boer war, although, it is quite probable that a band of enthusiasts did in fact play a few games before that date and decided formally to establish a Club with a name to suit their carefree approach to the game. This trait had persisted over the years and there are many examples of the opposition’s appreciation of the Club’s sporting attitude.”

J V Howgate – “History of the Club 1975”

We continue to play competitive, friendly cricket, welcoming cricketers of all shapes, sizes and talents, whether they want to play one or twenty games each season. Our aim is to win every game we play, while ensuring that every player has a chance to participate meaningfully in the game, whatever their talents.