Romany Cricket Club


Romany Cricket Club is an attractive alternative for those who enjoy cricket, without wishing to make the regular commitment required by league clubs..

Some members play many games a season; others play only one or two. We genuinely welcome those who only wish to play the occasional game.

The club is open to all. There are historical links to various professions (in Leeds in particular). Over the years, our membership has included lawyers, doctors, accountants, surveyors and academics (including a few professors).

We are also a suitable refuge for former league players who do not yet wish to retire, but who wish to play a rather more relaxed version of the game. If you are interested in playing with us please contact our Secretary.

We have a number of college and university students, who play during vacations (and who particularly enjoy our Sussex tour). We also usefully supplement school cricket, for those for whom a game or two each week at school is insufficient (or who want some extra cricket in school holidays). Other younger players come through our links with local clubs – we can provide cricket to juniors who cannot get a game on Saturdays, or who want to play more than once a weekend. Most of our matches are Sundays.

Over the years, we have found that one of the best ways of developing the club has been by players introducing their own friends. Typically, we have enjoyed the benefits of clusters of players who have left school in the last few years and wish to play some social cricket together. In other cases, colleagues have come together from the same workplace. Please do think about introducing your friends.